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  • 15 to 1,500 SCFM capacity
  • 1/4" to 3" NPT inlet/outlet connection
  • 232 PSIG pressure rating
  • Condensate drain included
  • Differential pressure indicator/gauge included for 50 SCFM capacity and higher models
  • >99.9999% DOP efficiency
  • 0.01 micron particle removal
  • 35 to 248°F design temperature range
  • 273°F maximum autoclave temperature
  • 1.5 PSID clean pressure drop
  • 100 max steam sterilization cycles
  • 6 month/1,000 hour max element life


The nano-purification solutions NMS Medical Sterile Filter is manufactured from cast aluminum alloy for enhanced strength, and an internal and extern epoxy powder coating provides E-Coat™ optimum corrosion protection. This is followed by an external tough polyester powder coat finish. A modular design allows for close coupling of filters, simplifying installation and maintenance. The element design includes stainless steel end caps for compatibility with autoclave sterilization.

The unit is supplied with an Air Sterilization Certificate to guarantee the highest downstream air quality. The filter is third party tested and validated in accordance with HTM 02-01, NFPA 99, ISO 7396-1 and AS 2896.


  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Veterinary