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Henry Santos

Senior Applications Specialist - 2 years at Compressor World

Our experts are highly rated and specialize in a variety of compressed air applications; industrial, food & beverage, medical, lab, and remediation.

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  • 8 to 648 CFM capacity
  • Connections:
    • 3/8in to 1/2in PTC inlet/outlet
    • 1in to 2.5in NPT inlet/outlet
  • Adjustable pressure regulators
  • CO monitor (shipped loose)


The nano-purification solutions NBA Breathing Air Purifier is a modular system that first filters air using an M1 1.0 micron pre-filter and an M01 0.01 micron high-efficiency coalescing pre-filter. The NBA then also reduces CO and CO2 levels using a 4-layer, mixed bed cartridge in aluminum extruded vessels. The first stage of the cartridge removes water vapor to -40°F/C pressure dew point and polishes CO2 using a novel activated alumina and 13X molecular sieve mix. The second stage utilizes activated carbon to remove hydrocarbons, odor and taste. The last stage of the cartridge employs a catalyst to convert CO to CO2. All materials are snow storm filled for maximum packing density and are held in place by an integral 1 micron particulate after filter.