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  • CS75 models:
    • 75 CFM
    • Compact
    • Wall or floor-mounted
    • 4,000 hour service life
  • CSR150 to 3,000 models:
    • 150 to 3,000 CFM
    • Test kit and storage area built in
    • Brass fittings
    • 4,000 hour service life
  • CS3500IBC and 7000IBC models:
    • 3,500 to 7,000 CFM
    • 600 or 1,000 L IBC tanks
    • 16,000 hour service life
  • Time-in-service indicator for all models
  • Polyglycol models available for 150 to 7000 CFM models


The Sterling Separation CSR Series oil and water separator is designed to use gravity to keep things moving so that condensate passes constantly through the lightweight filters and out to drain. The CS75 is the most compact model, with wall or floor-mounted options and a flow capacity of 75 CFM. It features PE molded parts, a processed polypropylene filter medium with carbon added, and a time-in-service indicator. The outer body and lid with service cartridge and foam disc come fully assembled. The CS75 should always be used with auto-drains. 

Models from 150 to 3,000 CFM have flared bases that offer stability, while their internal design ensures that the filter bags cannot deform to block the deep outlet channels. The separators feature brass threaded inserts, twin test points, a sample jar holder, and a time-in-service indicator. Models from 1,000 to 3,000 CFM are built from multiple 1,000 CFM units and connected by the CSEQ3 condensate splitter manifold, which ensures equal flow to the separator towers. 

CSR Series models from 3,500 to 7,000 CFM are large cleaners that are designed to remove oil from compressed air condensate down to levels that are sufficiently low that discharge or treated condensate to the foul sewer is allowed. The condensate discharged from the air system, along with any compressed air also released, is fed into the substantial pressure relief chamber, allowing calm entry of condensate into the filter chamber. The chamber comprises a standard container (IBC) of either 600 or 1,000 liters, depending on the model selected. The IBC contains balanced proportions of coarse polypropylene shred to remove bulk oil, and Sterling's oil-adsorbing PP wool. The result is a discharge quality that betters the legal limit for oil in the discharge to a sewer (limit typically 20ppm). At the end of its 2-year service life, the complete IBC with filter material and oil residues inside should be taken for disposal at a registered site, as a one-off operation.