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  • 600 FS/TM
  • Usually ships in 1 to 2 weeks



  • Cools within 20°F of ambient temperature
  • 600 CFM capacity
  • 1 micron solid particulate coalescing filter
  • 0.5 ppm oil aerosol removal
  • 200psig max operating pressure
  • 5psig max pressure drop
  • Boss outlet fitting
  • JIC 24 inlet fittings
  • 24V power requirement


The DryAIR 600 FS/TM free standing aftercooler is completely self-contained and packaged in a construction skid with a lifting bail and expanded metal heat exchanger guard. The 600 FS/TM features a heavy-duty moisture separator with manual drain for removal of trapped moisture and condensed oil, a DC fan motor that is run from the compressor battery and automatically starts when the system is pressurized, and a power cord with alligator clips for permanent installation to the compressor starting battery. A premium efficiency coalescing filter is standard on 600FS/TM models for additional particulate removal to 1 micron and a maximum oil aerosol content of 0.5 ppm. The DryAIR 600 FS/TM aftercooler can be used on any gas or diesel portable compressor when sized correctly.