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  • Horsepower options:
    • 125 to 600 HP: fixed speed
    • 30 to 600 HP: variable speed
  • TEFC (IP 54) standard motors with Class F insulation
  • SKY Series airend:
    • Direct drive (1:1 ratio)
    • Slow speed rotors
    • Quadruple SKF bearings
    • 5 / 6 rotor profile
    • Direct flow inlet valve
  • Capacity:
    • Fixed speed: 510 to 2757 CFM at 175psi
    • Variable speed: 131 to 150 CFM at 150psi, 510 to 2757 CFM at 175psi
  • Single pass oil and aftercooler
  • Ultraweb air intake filter
  • Centrifugal cooling fans
  • Digital control panel


The Kaishan KRSP2 series rotary screw air compressor is a two stage compressor that features direct drive, providing a highly reliable flow of compressed air and offering maximum air output while also reducing energy usage. Available in both fixed speed or variable speed, air or water cooled configurations, and horsepower options from 30 to 600HP, the KRSP2 can meet your application needs.

The SKY Series airend with an asymmetric 5 / 6 rotor profile and KAPP Grinder rotor allows for tighter clearances and improved performance. The slow speed rotors maximize performance and increase reliability and the steady system pressure lowers system stress and overall air demand. 

The optional variable speed drive (VSD) combines a robust power platform with a state-of-the-art control scheme. The VSD provides a soft start and the ability to operate efficiently through the capacity range by matching the flow to the demand, while also maintaining a high level of pressure control.

The KRSP2 series also features three-stage tangential oil separation to prevent direct oil impingement and lower dust contact. This combined with the Ultraweb air filter that removes particles (down to 5 microns) reduces the risk of contamination and reduces overall wear on the system.