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  • Base mount
  • 20, 22, or 30 HP
  • 116psi pressure rating
  • 55.1, 64.8, or 86 CFM capacity
  • 230/3/60 voltage


The Chicago Pneumatic SPR 20-30 Oilless Scroll Air Compressor features a reduced footprint thanks to stacked modules, along with forklift openings, rounded canopy corners, and easy access for re-greasing and belt tensioning. The unit's low sound allows it to be placed at the point of use with comfort for users retained. The organized piping brings a low pressure drop, while the algorithm of the graphic controller ensures the optimum use of the scroll modules for tight pressure band and lower energy use. 

The unit runs on an IE3 Premium efficiency NEMA belt-driven motor, with an ambient temperature sensor for improved performance and automatic adjustment of the service schedule. Corrosion free piping with low radius provides a lower pressure drop, and the unit includes a micronic high efficiency intake filter.