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  • Base mount or tank mount (71gal horizontal)
  • 2 to 7.5 HP
  • 113 to 145psi pressure rating
  • 4 to 20.8 CFM capacity
  • 230/1/60 and 200-230/460/3/60 voltage options
  • Integrated air dryer included with tank mount


The Chicago Pneumatic SPR 2-8 Oilless Scroll Air Compressor features a reduced footprint for base and tank mount models thanks to its large diameter ASME vessels. All models are designed for forklift maneuverability. Its low noise levels allow the unit to be installed at the point of use with comfort for the user. The air cooled scroll elements are provided with an hour meter for on/off regulation. The optional integrated air dryer removes additional moisture from the compressed air. The unit utilizes an IE3 Premium Efficiency IP55 belt-driven motor, aluminum piping, and a Micronic High Efficiency intake filter. The R134a dryer has a compact braze plate counter flow heat exchanger with an integrated water separator.

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