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  • 232psig max working pressure
  • 35 to 110°F ambient air temperature
  • 130°F max inlet air temperature
  • 3 micron solid particulate removal
  • 4 mg/m3 remaining oil content
  • Multi-station design
  • ISO 8573.1 Quality Class 4-5
  • 460/3/60V


The Deltech DES Series cycling refrigerated dryer is designed to provide energy savings by matching electrical power consumed in direct proportion to incoming air demand. The multi-station design connects up to five individual modules in a line-up arrangement to construct the desired flow capacity. The self-sufficient modules easily interface with couplings to form larger systems, responding to increased air demand. Full flow air-side isolation valves permit maintenance of individual modules without interrupting the air supply to the others and each module maintains separate water regulating valves, strainers, and water isolation valves for ease of maintenance.  

The DES Series features integral filtration, water-cooled condenser, no air loss condensate drains, digital scroll refrigeration system, stainless steel brazed plate heat exchangers, and an Energy Monitor. The Energy Monitor is an operator interface that monitors system performance, tracks energy savings, and actively communicates with individual dryer modules. The monitor is equipped with a MODBUS RS-485 interface and ethernet with MODBUS TCP/IP support.