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  • Base mounted
  • 10 to 30 HP
  • 24.2 to 86.5 CFM capacity
  • 116 or 145psi maximum operating pressure options
  • 200, 230, or 460V voltage options
  • Integrated refrigerant air dryer option available
  • 63 to 65 dB(A) noise level


The Atlas Copco SF8-22 Oilless Scroll Air Compressor is designed for no metal-to-metal contact between the compression scrolls, eliminating a need for oil lubrication in the compression chamber and ensuring oil-free air. A paper cartridge air inlet filter eliminates dust and particles down to 1µm. The IP55 Class F IE3 motor is totally enclosed and air-cooled, complying with IE3 Premium efficiency standards. The air-cooled scroll compressor elements are available in 116 and 145psi variants.

The optional integrated refrigerant dryer ensures the delivery of dry air, preventing rust and corrosion in the installed compressed air network. Noise levels are reduced by the scroll element design, fan design, and sound-insulated canopy. 

The Elektronikon® Mk5 Graphic controller matches the required air demand while running the VFT algorithm, eliminating unload power consumption. The use of aluminum and stainless steel pipes improve reliability over lifetime.