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  • Mounted NEMA 1 control panel
  • ODP NEMA 1,760 RPM electric motor
  • 3 to 25 HP models available
  • Start/stop pressure switch control
  • ASME coded receiver
    • 60, 80, and 120 gallon options
    • California Code Compliant Receivers
  • Enclosed Belt Guard
  • 10 micron industrial grade intake filter
  • Factory filled with AEON lubricant


The Champion PL-Series two stage piston air compressor is designed to operate in extreme duty applications. The PL-Series is a true industrial use compressor as it can operate up to 250psi and can work in off-level operations. It features domed pistons for better efficiency, disc valves for minimized blow-by, and a positive displacement oil pump that provides lubricant to all crucial parts of the compressor.

The PL-Series is designed for durability and long life. The crankshaft and connecting rod bearings are pressure lubricated, the hydraulic unloader with factory set pilot valve enables loadless starts and low oil pressure protection, the included oil pressure gauge allows for easy presure monitoring, and the replaceable babbit bearings makes repairs easy and affordable.