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  • 10 to 15 HP variants
  • 100 to 175 psi operating pressure
  • 4.9 to 72 CFM (36.6 gal/min to 538.5 gal/min) capacity FAD
  • Fully enclosed belt guard and ASME safety valves
  • Splash lubricated as standard with pressure lubricated options
  • Simplex and duplex motor models available


The Atlas Copco CR Series Two Stage Piston Air Compressor is cast iron with a magnetic starter as standard and a maximum operating pressure of 175psi. Simplex and duplex motor models are available, with horizontal and vertical mounted options. Professional pack models are fitted with an electronic drain, belt guard and aftercooler, while industrial pack models are fitted with a low level oil switch. Splash lubricated, industrial pack models also include head unloaders as standard. 

Pressure lubricated models use a rifle-drilled crankshaft and connecting rods to provide an estimated 15% longer life than the equivalent splash lubricated compressor with reduced maintenance cycles. 

Splash lubricated models are mounted on a 120 gallon tank, and pressure lubricated models are mounted on a 200 gallon tank.

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