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  • 80 gallon tank
  • Multiple oilless scroll air compressors and associated equipment
  • Redundant medical desiccant air dryers with purge control
  • Medical control panel
  • Dew point and CO monitors
  • ODP, NEMA construction motor
  • ASME air receiver rated for 200psi MAWP
  • PTFE tip seals rated for 10,000 hours operation
  • NFPA 99 compliant


The Powerex Medical Scroll Tank Mounted Open System is designed to provide medical breathing air for hospitals and medical institutions. The system meets NFPA 99 requirements for Risk Category 1 systems. The only field connections required are the system intake, exhaust, and power connection at the control panel. All interconnecting piping, wiring, and vibration isolation pads are included with the system.

Each compressor is belt driven oilless rotary scroll single stage, air-cooled construction with no oil needed for operation. The system does not use direct drive compressors. The rotary design does not require any inlet or exhaust valves and is rated for 100% continuous duty. Compressor bearings are external to the air compression chamber and is serviceable for extended compressor life. Bearing maintenance is not required until 8,000 run hours. 

Each compressor includes flexible connectors on intake and discharge, an electric drive motor, a discharge check valve, a fan-cooled aftercooler and a high discharge temperature shut down switch. Each compressor modules contains an isolation voavle and a moisture separator with automatic drain.