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  • Oilless construction
  • Composite piston technology
  • Meets NFPA 99 applications
  • Air cooled intercooler
  • Sealed bearings
  • Grease filled wrist pin
  • Head unloaders
  • Corrosion resistant


The Powerex Reciprocating Piston Oilless Pump contains an oilless composite piston that slides up and down within a low friction, wear-resistant aluminum cylinder, compressing air on the upstroke. The discharge air is cooled via an air to air aftercooler. The multi-finned compressor cylinder is cooled by a dedicated fan (2 to 15 HP) as well as fan blades on the flywheel. Compressors are single stage (1 to 3 HP) and two stage (5 to 15 HP).