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  • 10 to 50 HP
  • 41.4 to 220.8 CFM capacity
  • 20 to 100% turndown capacity
  • Pressure rating
    • 150psi at 10 HP
    • 175psi at 15 to 50 HP
  • 230, 380, or 460V (three phase)
  • Danfoss variable speed controller
  • Airlogic Microprocessor Controller
  • NEMA premium TEFC motor


The Quincy Compressor QGSV series rotary screw air compressors are variable speed and available in base mounted, tank mounted, or tank mounted with dryer configurations. Variable speed technology coupled with a direct drive transmission results in energy savings of up to 30%. The Airlogic microprocessor controller automatically maintains the desired system pressure and provides all the air that the sytem requires on a smooth, consistent basis. Remote control and connectivity allows for a flexible operating process and the standard quiet enclosure limits noise output to as low as 66 dBA. The QGSV series has options for a 120 gallon horizontal air receiver and an integrated 39°F dewpoint refrigerated air dryer.

The QGSV series rotary screw compressors are well-suited for applications in partial-load operating environments where maximum efficiency is essential or in highly sensitive applications in normal operating conditions. The QGSV series can function as a stand-alone machine or networked to function as a trim machine. 


  • Oil and gas
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • HVAC
  • Construction
  • Chemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Agriculture and mining

In Stock

Manufacturer Stock

Part Number Price Available
QGSV-50 BM-460
$31,264.70 10 in stock
QGSV-25 BM-460
$22,690.75 8 in stock
QGSV-20 BM-460
$21,822.90 7 in stock
QGSV-30 TMD-460
$31,331.00 6 in stock
QGSV-15 TM-230
$14,316.55 5 in stock
QGSV-30 BM-460
$24,647.45 4 in stock
QGSV-40 BM-460
$28,797.15 4 in stock
QGSV-10 TM-230
$12,887.70 2 in stock
QGSV-15 TM-460
$14,316.55 2 in stock
QGSV-15 TMD-230
$17,789.65 1 in stock
QGSV-15 TMD-460
$17,789.65 1 in stock
QGSV-20 TM-460
$25,222.05 1 in stock
QGSV-20s TM-460
$18,404.20 1 in stock
QGSV-30 TM-460
$28,987.55 1 in stock

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