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  • -40°F/-40°C dew points achievable
  • 4-13 barg/58-189 psig inlet pressure range
  • 41-122°F ambient temperature range
  • 230 VAC 50 Hz / 115 VAC 50Hz power supply
  • O2 - 21,4% maximum concentration
  • Compressor synchronization
  • Dew point control
  • Spring-loaded desiccant


The Pneumatech BA Series Breathing Air Dryer is designed to provide clean, dry, and high-quality breathing air by effectively removing various contaminants, including liquid water, oil and water aerosols, water vapor, carbon dioxide, gaseous impurities, bacteria, and dust particles.

Advanced control and optimization features are integrated into the HE system, such as compressor synchronization, which coordinates the operation of the compressor with the compressed air treatment components. Purge nozzle optimization is also included, ensuring efficient operation and minimizing purge air consumption. Furthermore, the system features a PDP (Pressure Dew Point) control, which enables automatic switching based on the desired dew point level, enhancing the system's efficiency and ensuring that the compressed air meets the required dryness levels.

The purging rate can be adjusted according to specific requirements, eliminating the need for multiple sets of nozzles. Direct reading from the controller screen is available, and voltage-free contacts are provided for easy integration with other systems. Adjustable levels of warnings are also offered, allowing for customized monitoring and alerting.

The dryer ensures a maximum concentration of oxygen (O2) of 21.4% and reduces the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) below 500 ppm. It also features a low noise level and complies with stringent international standards, making it suitable for various industrial breathing air applications.