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  • 2 PDP variants: -20°C/-4°F and -40C°/-40°F
  • 14 barg/203 psig (fatigue load) maximum
  • 25-260 l/s nominal volume flow
  • 53-551 SCFM
  • 115v


The Pneumatech PH 55-550 S Extruded Profile Heatless Adsorption Dryers provide users with clean, dry air to extend the life of equipment and products.  Heatless adsorption dryers use dry, expanded purge air to remove moisture from the desiccant material.

PH 55-550 S adsorption dryers are available in 2 PDP variants: -20°C/-4°F and -40C°/-40°F.The unique manifold (patent pending) includes pilot air-controlled 3/2-way valves, which switch quickly.

The desiccant is spring-loaded and housed in an extruded aluminum body, which can operate up to 14 barg/203 psig (fatigue load). Pre- and afterfilters are delivered as standard with every dryer.

Operating costs are optimized due to compressor synchronization and purge nozzle optimization as standard and PDP control as option. The full machine status can be checked on the display of the controller and the vessel pressure gauges on the unit. The  controller indicates whether power supply is connected, towers are pressurized, valves are functioning properly or preventive maintenance needs to be done. In case the optional PDP control is connected, the PDP value can monitored from the display. Alarms and warnings can also be triggered remote with the available voltage-free contacts.