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High Pressure Portable Piston Air Compressors

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For businesses that make do with low pressure for most of their applications, and need high pressure only for a few, considering a piston air pressure booster is a wise choice. After all, the higher the network pressure, the higher will be your energy costs. Increasing the pressure of the whole system would also mean higher costs of energy.

Pressure boosters are used to solve a wide range of problems in manufacturing plants related to low inlet pressures. They not only facilitate upgrading the air pressure only when needed, but also allow increasing pressures only for required applications rather than the whole system. These pressure boosters are pre-assembled, and ready to be connected into the air network for independent, immediate operation. They are powered by an electric motor, and are base mounted for easy transportation.

Air Pressure Boosters at Compressor World

Air pressure boosters can take on inlet pressures that range from 0-190 psig, and boost it to pressures of up to 600 psig (airflow being up to 1500 ACFM). At Compressor World, piston air pressure boosters are available in 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 and 15 HP capacities; all in stock and ready to be transported.

Take advantage of the wide range of product choices offered at Compressor World. Our products are also tax free when brought online across the most of the US, barring Massachusetts only. We also offer our buyers easy pay options to make buying more convenient.

For more assistance on pressure boosters that would best meet your air pressure needs, get in touch with one of our air compressor experts at Compressor World today.

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