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Compressor World is a compressed air specialist offering direct pricing on the best air compressors, rotary screw, air dryers, air tanks and all related components on the market. Shop online worldwide or visit our store where you can inspect and learn about how air compressors operate and run.


Rotary Screw Compressor Options

  1. Base Mounted - These generally offer more CFM/flow and additional features
  2. Tank Mounted/Total Air Systems - Easy to install and very compact - great for tight compressor installations and smaller rooms
  3. Variable Speed Drive - Highly efficient when applied correctly. Call one of our experts to discuss 866.778.6572

Buying Air Compressors Online

Compressor World started selling air compressors 14+ years ago and has specialized in selling high quality industrial grade compressors for all air compressor applications. What makes Compressor World different is we have actual compressed air specialists answering the phone, answer live chat and emails. Our compressed air specialists have performed compressed air audits in large manufacturing companies (Gillette), medical facilities and as small as the automotive body shop with a 5 horsepower cast iron compressor. Feel confident when ordering online or over the phone.

Where Do We Ship From

Ship it fast. Compressor World stocks hundreds of rotary screw and piston air compressors in their warehouse in Pembroke, MA (30 minutes south of Boston). Our inventory reflects a few different compressor brands; Quincy Compressor, Ingersoll Rand and our Compressor World Rotary Compressors. We also ship from a various number of warehouses around the country; Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Texas and California to name a few.

Who Will Service My Air Compressor

We ship the compressor, who will service it? That is the number one question we receive on a daily basis. Compressor World has teamed with hundreds of independent and factory air compressor service companies around the world. In addition to our list, every compressor manufacturer will have local support for warranty and after market service. Feel confident when you are buying your air compressor and air dryer online as you will have Compressor World experts, the Manufacturer and the independent service centre for support.

Customers Buy From Compressors Online Because

We make it easy. Compressor World has a variety of clients, ranging from the fortune 500 companies, manufacturing, hospital and educational facilities, automotive and down to the D.I.Y. who needs air for their projects in their garage. Our staff offers the best air compressor, dryer, air tank for your application. If a client calls in about a specific product, we generally answer all of their questions in addition to asking about their application and air requirement. Feel free to use our extensive knowledge about compressed air to your application. Challenge Us!

Total Air Systems

Are you not sure of what you will need for your air compressor system? We keep it simple with our all in one package, which include the rotary screw air compressor, air dryer and air tank. In some cases Compressor World provides you with the interconnecting air piping to help with the actual compressor installation. Whether you purchase the total air system or individual components, you must remember that the related components such as the air tank, air dryer and air filters are just as important as the compressor. Air tanks or storage can be one the most important pieces of your air system and should be installed right after the compressor. We generally recommend having a minimum of 2 gallons of storage per 1 CFM and if you have space we would recommend 4 gallons of storage per 1 CFM. In a perfect world you would have two air tanks, one before the dryer as your "wet tank" and one after the air dryer which would be your "dry tank". One of the by products of compressing air is moisture. Air Dryers remove the moisture from the compressor and the standard in the industry would be the refrigerated air dryer which brings the dew point down to +39 degrees F, desiccant air dryer can bring the dew point down to 0, -40, -70 or -100 degrees F. Air Filters are used to clean out the air, particulate are your pre filters, coalescing, fine coalescing and carbon filters remove the oil and are normally the after filters.

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