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Installing a Variable Speed Drive on your air compressors can drastically reduce the amount of energy your compressors consumes. If you are looking to reduce your utility to your plant, consider installing a VFD compressor in your system.

Contact Your Local Utility Supplier To See if You Qualify for A Rebate

Many utility providers offer a prescriptive rebate program for energy efficient compressors. NSTAR & National Grid offer large rebates for compressors under 100 Horsepower without doing a intensive compressed air audit. Contact one of our compressed air experts and let us point you in the right direction.

Sizing Variable Speed Air Compressors

Operating a VFD under 20% and over 80% can actually cost you more in energy as well as cause damage to your compressor. Your VFD uses an average of 6-7% more energy, when your operating in the upper range of the compressor output, you lose any potential energy savings. When operating within the lower range, the compressor may run cool which could cause moisture build up in the bearings, which could cause premature failure. That said, you should size your VFD air compressor so it runs between 30 and 80% of full load.

Longevity & Flow

Vane compressors have an expected life of 100,000 hours without wear. Regarding the flow, the typical rotary vane compressors tend to be more efficient because they have less blow by or less internal air leakage. The vanes move freely and are in contact with the internal surface of the stator, so the seal is near perfect.

What To Know Before Buying A New Vane Compressor:

What is My Current Voltage in My Plant (VFD Machines are Only 3-Phase)?

  • Three Phase (All)

  • 200-208/3/60, 230-240/3/60, 460-480/3/60, 575-600/3/60

Who Will Service My Air Compressor?

Compressor manufacturers offer a service network to support their products. Once a machine is purchased from Compressor World - one of our experts will forward the local service centers information. All warranties and future service preventative maintenance) can be done with from the manufacturers service center.

Why Buy Rotary Vane Compressors Online

Compressor World has compressed air experts helping customers with their compressed air equipment daily. Our experts understand compressor controls, electrical and are technical to help best fit the right rotary vane compressor for your application. In addition to finding the right rotary vane compressor, our technical compressor staff will also help evaluate which compressor would be the most energy efficient compressor for your application. Feel confident when buying from Compressor World as we are not just an online compressor company.