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Total Air Compressor Systems with Integrated Air Dryer and Tank

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Not everyone can offer a rotary screw manufacturer with the compressor, tank and dryer all mounted on a single air tank, we call these the "All in one Package" or "Total Air System". Total Air Systems are fantastic and they save time on the installation costs.  The most popular total air systems would be the 7.5 hp air compressor with dryer, 10 hp air compressor with dryer and 15 hp air compressor with dryer and tank.  Once you have a larger system, the 20 hp air compressor with dryer, 25 hp air compressor with dryer and 30 hp air compressor with dryer tend to be larger and harder to put in place because of the size. 

Manufacturers of Rotary Screw Compressors offer different features, our experts generally promote screw compressors that offer these features for the following reasons:

Feature Benefit
Sound Enclosures Reducing the sound level, they can be installed in the fabrication area
Tank Mounted Space Saving Designs, ASME Coded Air Tanks - normally on 60, 80, 120 gallon tanks.
TEFC Drive Motor Which stands for "Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled" Motor, these are great motors for dirty environments. ODP motors (Open Drip Proof) are generally less expensive and require maintenance)
Mounted Air Dryers Dry Air - Pre Mounted & Piped with a Space Saving Design


* We recommend total air systems where the air dryer is not installed in the cabinet of the compressor. Call with questions.

Why buy new vs. used air compressors? Remember, there is a reason why someone traded in their used air compressor, potential compressor repairs on a used compressor could far exceed the cost of a new one.

Who Will Service My Air Compressor?

Compressor manufacturers offer a service network to support their products. Once a machine is purchased from Compressor World - one of our experts will forward the local service centers information. All warranties and future service (preventative maintenance) can be done with from the manufacturers service center.

I found the right rotary screw compressor, what else should I know before buying this compressor?

Once you have chosen the right rotary screw compressor for your facility, you will need to know the right voltage. You have either single or three phase power and the options would be:

Single Phase (3, 5 & 7.5 Horsepower)

  • 208/1/60 or 230/1/60

Three Phase (All)

  • 200-208/3/60
  • 230-240/3/60
  • 460-480/3/60
  • 575-600/3/60


We also ask what pressure you want the compressor set for, the standard pressure in the industry is 125 PSI but in some cases customers ask for 150 or 175 PSI. For every 1 PSIG change from rated pressure, the brake horsepower will change 0.5% from the rated BHP. Think about decreasing your header pressure and start saving energy.

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