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Two Stage Pumps (175-PSIG)

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Two Stage pumps have a max pressure of 175-PSI. These pumps are used in automotive, cleaners, service and light industrial applications. Back in the day, compressed air systems ran large manufacturing facilities with 200 hp, 400 hp & 500 hp piston compressors. Now, the largest piston, two stage compressors are maxing out at 25 to 30 horsepower.

What brands of compressor pumps are available?

Compressor World specializes in selling all major brands of air compressor pumps as well as offering aftermarket pumps that cost a fraction of the major brands. Compressor World offers Champion Compressors, Ingersoll-Rand, Powerex, Schulz, Coaire, Chicago Pneumatic, and Compressor World Pumps.

Servicing My Compressor

It is recommended to change out the lubricant every 3 months and inspect your inlet filter monthly. Not checking your inlet filter or changing your oil can cause pump failure.

Why Buy A Brand Name Compressor?

Buying factory replacement compressor pumps allows for a easy installation and a solid factory warranty.

Why Buy A Aftermarket Industrial Compressor?

People buy aftermarket pumps because they can save hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars. Yes, you will need to retrofit some piping and possibly a new motor sheave but customers generally save a lot of money.

Duty Cycle for Compressor Pumps

Typically, all splash lubricated industrial compressor pumps are rated for 60-70%. These compressor pumps need to turn off in order for the oil to cool. If the compressor runs over 70%, the oil cannot cool properly and the pump can wear and cause maintenance issues.

Contact one of our compressed air experts if you have any additional questions or concerns with any of the industrial two stage air compressor pumps.