• 10 HP
  • 990 RPM
  • 22 ACFM capacity at 175 PSIG
  • 104°F max operating temperature
  • 175 PSIG max pressure
  • 30 gallon horizontal tank


The Quincy Compressor QT Series diesel driven two stage piston air compressor is built for light industrial and commercial applications. The heavy duty cast-iron construction makes the compressor ideal for tough working conditions. The QT Series features an aluminum head for strength and optimum heat dissipation, ASME-code interstage pressure relief valves, graphite cylinder and head gaskets, cast-iron cylinders, industrial-class bearings, balanced counter-weighted crankshaft, and two-piece connecting rods. The extra-capacity oil reservoir assures low oil temperature while the fan type cast-iron flywheel delivers a powerful flow of air across the intercooler, cylinder, and heads for effective unit cooling and smooth operation. The QT Series has a high-efficiency fin and tube intercooler to reduce interstage air temperature for maximum performance and increased valve life.