• Basemount
  • 10 to 20 HP
  • 175psi maximum operating pressure
  • 46.4 to 89.6 CFM capacity
  • Tri-voltage, 3-phase, 60Hz
  • Integrated dryer option available


The Atlas Copco GA7-11 Variable Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor contains a compact Interior Permanent Magnet (iPM) motor that is designed for optimal cooling by oil, requiring no cooling air flow. The direct drive uses a vertical design requiring fewer parts, is oil-cooled and pressure tight, with no gears, belts, or shaft seal. The low-noise fan is complies with ERP2015 efficiency.

The integrated oil separator includes an integrated bypass valve, and an electronic no-loss water drain is included as standard for efficient removal of condensate without loss of compressed air. The unit contains a manual integrated bypass for effective condensate removal in case of power failure.

The Elektronikon® Touch controller includes warning indications, compressor shut-down and maintenance scheduling, and enables remote control via SMARTLINK to maximize performance and energy efficiency. 

The sentinel valve includes no inlet arrestor and provides no blow-off or pressure drop losses, and is maintenance-free. The VSD+ cubicle keeps electrical components cool, extending lifetime, and uses a dedicated drive for iPM technology motors. A 5% DC choke is included standard. Heat dissipation of the inverter is transferred to a separate compartment.

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