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  • 0.08 mg/m³ maximum oil carryover
  • inPASS™ bypass included
  • 1.73psi wet pressure drop
  • 102psig reference pressure
  • 232psig maximum pressure
  • Element service after 8,000 operating hours or 1 year
  • Precede with water separation
  • ISO class 8573-1 [2:-:3]


The Atlas Copco DD+ Nautilus Oil Coalescing Industrial Compressor Filter protects equipment and processes by removing airborne contaminants produced by compressor element lubrication and the installation itself. The Nautilus multi-wrap filtration technology allows for lower pressure drops due to filtration, and a coarse 3D-structured layer/barrier protects oil drainage and prevents re-entry of oil droplets into the air flow. The 3D structure also provides a service life of 8,000 hours. The bottom cap of the filter is designed to increase the drainage rate of the oil from the barrier by optimizing the contact between the barrier and drainage routes. This ensures no wet band is formed in the barrier and the re-entrainment risk is significantly diminished, resulting in cleaner air.

The inPASS™ bypass is included for all models. The built-in bypass can be used to reroute the air during filter service to ensure an uninterrupted air flow, allowing for service during working hours, reduced maintenance time as the air system will not need to be shut down, lower leakage risk, and elimination of a need for an external piping bypass.

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