Powerex 2 HP Climate Control Compressor, Simplex 60 Gallon Air Tank, 460 Volt, 3-Phase | AS0202-4-2

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Powerex 2 HP Climate Control Compressor, Simplex 60 Gallon Air Tank, 460 Volt, 3-Phase | AS0202-4-2

Many HVAC systems use air pressure to control thermostat dampeners in the ducting systems. The varying air pressure on the thermostat opens and closes the ducts. A dependable and low duty cycle compressor is needed to control these dampeners. The pressure range for our simplex system is 70-90 psi and the range for the pumps on our duplex are 60-80 psi and 70-90 psi, but the end use pressure is under 30 psi at the thermostats. Diverse operating conditions in a demanding environment necessitate a durable system.

Our tank mounted climate control simplex (AS) and duplex (AD) units have been designed for low oil carryover and long life in the pneumatic climate control industry. Our duplex configuration is ideal for instrumentation systems that require an alternate compressor for standby or overload capacity.

*3/4 HP models can be used up to 5,000 ft. elevation; above 5,000 ft. elevation, 1 HP or greater models must be used.

The Powerex lubricated Climate Control Series tank mounted system is designed to provide a source of air to power pneumatic systems for industrial applications where the quality of compressed air is cri cal.

Air Compressor System
The package shall include one or two lubricated air compressor/s and associated equipment, one ASME air receiver, one optional dryer, and optional magnetic starter/alternating control panel. The only connections required will be system discharge, power connecting at the control panel and dryer, and condensate drain connections. All inter-connecting piping and wiring shall be included and operationally tested prior to shipment. Vibration isolation pads are included with the system.

Compressor Pump
The compressor pump shall be a single stage, oil lubricated, reciprocating design. Each compressor includes individually precision-machined cylinders and lap joint rings to provide the lowest oil carryover in the industry. Oil carryover rate shall be guaranteed less than 2 PPM. A fan type flywheel provided to maintain low operating temperatures. Each compressor unit shall be capable of continious- duty opera on. Compressors to be shipped with an initial of Mobil DTE Heavy compressor oil.

Each compressor shall be belt driven by a 60 cycle, 1750 RPM, ODP NEMA construction motor. Motors operating at speeds higher than 1750 RPM shall not be acceptable. OSHA compliant belt guards shall be provided.

Air Receiver
The system shall include a horizontal ASME rated air receiver, rated for 200 PSI MAWP. The air receiver shall be equipped with a pressure gauge, safety relief valve, discharge shut-o valve, and manual tank drain.

Optional drain valves include: 1) 115V “No-loss” type automatic tank drain, 2) 115V automatic solenoid timer drain, or 3) automatic float style drain.

Optional Control Panel

The system shall include a UL listed magnetic starter in a NEMA 1 enclosure with 3-leg overload protection, and overload reset button. A NEMA 1 pressure switch shall control the start/stop opera on of the compressor and shall operate in the range of 80-100 psig.

The system shall include a UL listed control panel in a NEMA 1 enclosure with alternating relay and pump selector switch. The following accessories are included for each pump: Magnetic Starter with 3-leg overload protection, and overload reset button. Compressor opera on is start/stop, with each compressor alternating lead and lag pos. Both compressors will operate simultaneously if system demand requires.

Optional Refrigerant Air Dryer
The Powerex air drying system shall be tank mounted with compressor, and shall provide air at a 35-38°F pressure dew point. The refrigerated compressed air dryer is non-cycling, direct expansion, using R-134a refrigerant. A constant pressure expansion valve is provided to maintain a 38°F evaporator temperature. The dryer is self-regulating for large load swings, and includes a 3-micron filter/ separator with automatic condensate drain. Op on also includes a .01 micron filter, a dryer bypass valve, a pressure regulator and an installed automatic solenoid timer drain.


  • Product Specification

    • Capacity (CFM) @ 100 PSI
      6.7 CFM
    • Compressor Style
      Climate Control
    • Cooling Type
    • Horsepower (HP)
      2 HP
    • Max Pressure (PSI)
      100 PSI
    • Oil Carryover
      0-2 PPM
  • Overview & Technical Details

    • Drain Type
      Manual Drain
  • Additional Features

    • Magnetic Starter
  • Connection

    • Connection NPT
  • Dimensions & Weight

    • Dimensions (L)(W)(H)
      51" x 25" x 45"
    • Weight (lbs)
  • Motor Data

    • Motor Type
  • Power Requirements

    • 208/3/60
    • 230/240/3/60
    • 460/480/3/60
  • Tank Size

    • Air Tank Configuration
    • Air Tank Included
    • Air Tank Size
      60 Gallon
  • Warranty

    • Standard Warranty
      Factory Warranty


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