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  1. Pneumatic Air Compressors

Climate Control Pneumatic Air Compressors for Sale

Pneumatic Air Systems are designed for long life and low oil carryover, ideal for industries that operate in demanding environments. Available in simplex and duplex configurations, pneumatic air systems serve as low duty cycle and dependable compressors for controlling dampeners.


Pneumatic air systems are commonly used by HVAC systems to control thermostat dampeners present in deducting systems. The air pressure variation in the thermostat helps open and close the ducts. To control these dampeners, an air compressor is needed. While the simplex module of pneumatic air systems is ideal for low duty applications, the duplex configuration is best suited for instrumentation systems that need a standby, alternate compressor for overload capacity.

Pneumatic Air Systems at Compressor World

At Compressor World, the pneumatic air systems are available in 30, 80, and 120 Gallons in single and 3-phase. While the simplex variant offers a pressure range of 70-90 psi while the duplex configurations offer 60-80 psi and 70-90 psi. However the end use pressure is low at 30 psi. For elevations of up to 5000 ft. 3/4th HP pneumatic air systems work best, whereas for elevations beyond that 1 HP or greater models need to be used.

Find the right tank size and design of the pneumatic air system that best suits your business. Our compressed air experts will guide you, should you have any confusion. Avail the best rates for the compressor of your choice at Compressor World, and pay in easy installments. What’s more, our products are tax free across most of the US (barring Massachusetts)!

So, get in touch with our compressed air experts right away, to find the best compressor for your business.

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Pneumatic Air Systems

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