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  1. Duplex Mounted

Duplex Mounted Piston Air Compressors for Sale

Think redundancy. Duplex air compressors are used for a variety of applications; light manufacturing, automotive, climate control applications. Remember, all Piston Air Compressors are generally rated for 70% duty cycle applications as the air compressor pump needs to shutdown to cool the oil. Feel confident about buying online. We offer local service on all piston air compressors!


Why Duplex Compressors?

  • Redundancy
  • Increase Capacity on Low Voltage (1-phase)

Single Stage vs Two Stage

The maximum pressure for all single stage air compressors is generally 100 PSI and 175 PSI for two stage compressors. Piston compressors operate off of a pressure switch and the load differential is normally 35 PSI.

Brands & Service

We offer the top air compressor brands available followed by some of the best warranties available. Chicago Pneumatic, Quincy Compressor, Ingersoll Rand Compressors are all available for quick shipments. Benefit from the best quality, local service and best price when buying from Compressor World.

Who Will Be My Local Service Agent

Once the compressor has been shipped, one of our compressed air experts will contact you with the local service agents name, address, phone number and their contact information. All local service agents are trained compressed air experts.

What Is Needed When Ordering and Receiving The Equipment

  • Confirm your voltage; 230/1/60, 208/3/60, 230/3/60 or 460/3/60
  • Shipping, confirm if shipping to a business or a residence
  • Inspect the shipment before accepting. If damaged, note the damage on the bill of lading