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Simplex Tank Mounted Oil Free Scroll Air Compressors

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Tank mounted scroll air compressors are known for their compact designs, low noise, and high efficiency. They offer a low starting torque, and come in-built with a cooling fan. The maintenance cost attached to tank mounted scroll compressors is also low.

Why choose a tank mounted scroll air compressor?

  • Buyers can expect the following benefits:
  • Low temperature operation
  • Extended bearing life
  • Point of use installation
  • Reduced seal wear
  • More starts per hour of operation

The Compressor World advantage

At Compressor World, tank mounted scroll air compressors are available in 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 HP capacities in single and 3 phase configurations. To be able to find the best Scroll Air Compressor for your business, it’s important that the ideal tank size be decided. The tank size directly affects the performance efficiency of the tools that are using the compressed air, and therefore requires careful consideration.

Expect the largest variety of compressors at Compressor World. Should you have any confusion or doubt with respect to finding the best suited air compressor for your business needs, our compressed air experts at Compressor World will be more than happy to help.

What’s more, find the best deals for the compressor you’re looking for, and avail tax free purchase across the U.S.A. (barring Massachusetts, where the company has a physical presence). We also offer financial assistance to our buyers by allowing them the option to pay in easy installments without making the purchase a burden.

So, get in touch with our compressed air experts at 866-778-6572 today.