Medical Air Dryers

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Air Dryers are critical to Medical Air Compressors, since they work to ensure that these air compressors deliver 100% pure, high quality air.

Medical Air Dryers at Compressor World

Medical Air Dryers at Compressor World offer 6.5-100 SCFM+ output at 100 PSIG. Manufactured by Powerex, Domnick Hunter and Deltech, these Medical Air Dryers provide medical grade air, Grade D breathing air and are 100% dryer backup. They meet the latest NFPA 99 requirements, and are available complete with a ceramic switching valve, large desiccant bed, purge saving system, and pressure swing adsorption technology.

Expect the following benefits from these dryers:

  • Low pressure drop,

  • Increased reliability, and

  • Low maintenance

Avail tax free and freight free purchases when shopping for air dryers at Compressor World. Compare multiple offerings, their specifications, features and prices before picking one. Buyers can also avail finance on their choice of air dryer, and pay the amount in easy installments over a period of time. All air compressors and related accessories brought from Compressor World also come with lifetime local servicing, over and above the warranty period.

Bank Upon Compressor World's Expertise

If you're still facing difficulty choosing the right air dryer for your medical air compressor, Compressor World can help you. With decades of combined experience in the air compressor industry under their belt, experts at Compressor World can assist you with the information and expertise needed to choose a Medical Air Dryer that best meets your application requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of our compressed air experts at 866.778.6572, and get your medical air dryer worries sorted for good.

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Medical Air Dryers

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