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Straight Unions

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Insufficient installation or wrong selection of air piping fittings can cause air leakage or tube releasing, causing damage to the equipment as well as the surrounding. Straight Unions connectors are some of the highly crucial air fitting accessories used in air piping systems. You must be extra vigilant regarding the selection of the Straight Unions connectors while installing air compressor system. The best way to source the best quality of connectors remains with the seller you are dealing with.

Straight Unions Connectors at Compressor World

Compressor World is the most trusted online air compressor superstore of America. Here you get the most perfect fit of Straight Unions connectors at the most affordable prices. We have a wide range of choices and varieties of Straight Union connectors of variable diameters. Whether it is of 20 Mm or 63 Mm, you will find the perfect match for your air compressor fitting. In addition to the best price guarantee, we bring a whole of other benefits for you. Listed below are a few of the.

  • Quick multi-product comparison and easy online navigation

  • Easy and quick finance option

  • Tax-free purchases

  • Free shipping

  • Local servicing on all products

Choose the right kind of Straight Unions connectors today with Compressor World and grab attractive online discounts. If you still have any further doubts, queries, or confusions, then do call us toll free and speak to one of our air compressor experts. We are here to help you in every possible way. Call 866.778.6572 or write to us at