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The Powerex medical air system is fully compliant with the latest edition of NFPA99 and includes multiple compressors, ASME receiver, UL listed control panel, air purification system, and monitors. Single point connections are provided for system intake, discharge, and electrical. All interconnecting piping and wiring is included and operationally tested prior to shipment.  Vibration isolation pads and flex connectors are included with the system. Powerex manufactures all systems in ISO9001 UL certified facilities to ensure the highest quality. Systems are available in three configuration types: Modular Skid Mount, Modular Enclosed, and Horizontal Tank Mount.


Control Panel Standard Features:

Each control panel is fully compliant with the latest edition of NFPA99 and is UL508A listed and labeled. The panel is provided in a NEMA 12 enclosure with a main power on light, timed automatic lead/lag pump alternation, reserve pump in use alarm with visual and audible indicators, and redundant control circuit transformers. Each pump is provided with an externally operable motor circuit breaker, Hand/Off/Auto selector switch, minimum run timer (to prevent short cycling of the pump), run hour meter, and run light. Dry contacts are provided on a labeled terminal strip for remote alarm monitoring. Horn silence and lamp test pushbuttons are standard. The lag compressor(s) will start automatically if the lead compressor fails to operate.



Powerex Building Management Integrator (PBMI) Optional (Call for pricing)

– our state of the art human machine interface (HMI) touch screen panel provides hospital personnel with vital system information at the touch of a button. A built-in webpage with email notification ensures that staff can always be in touch with the medical system’s information and alerts. PBMI utilizes BacNet ® protocol for the communication gateway to the building automation system which can support hundreds of pre-configured, labeled, and listed individual data points.


Desiccant air purification system (Standard)

Each system is provided with a redundant set of desiccant dryers, filters, regulators, and safety relief valves. Dew point and carbon monoxide monitors with alarms are provided to continuously monitor the air quality. Each dryer contains two vessels filled with moisture adsorbent material. The dryer uses a fully automatic pressure swing adsorption cycle in which one tower is online in a drying phase while the other is offline, either regenerating or waiting for its next drying phase. The towers alternate between phases based on either time or dew point status, depending on the mode of operation. In fixed cycle mode, the total cycle time is 4 minutes, or 2 minutes per dryer. In variable cycle mode, the total cycle time can be increased up to 60 minutes. The self-cleaning ceramic switching valves form an almost indestructible seal.


Refrigerated air dryers (This style dryer is optional, call for this price)

The refrigerated air dryers are non-cycling, direct expansion type, using R-134 A refrigerant (CFC free). A hot gas by-pass system maintains a consistent temperature at all load conditions. Heat exchangers are made of copper tube construction and fully insulated. Dryers shall have power on and high temperature lights, suction pressure gage, internal 3-micron filter/separator with stainless steel bowl, and timed electric condensate drain.


Dew point Monitor

Auto calibration

Polymer sensor technology

Visual and audible alarms

Dew point purge control


Carbon Monoxide Monitor/Alarm

Compact design

Digital display

User programmable alarms and relays

Audio and Visual Alarms

High capacity relays

Flow Meter for Confirmation of Airflow



Air Receiver

The system includes an ASME stamped receiver rated for a minimum of 150 PSIG MWP. The tank is equipped with a pressure gauge, an ASME relief value, block and by-pass valves, and an automatic electronic tank drain with manual override. The receiver is internally lined, in-house, with an FDA approved material for corrosion resistance.


Powerex introduced the first dry scroll to the US oil-less compressor market in 1989. Our technology and expertise clean, dry air systems is unmatched. Powerex manufactures compressors, air receivers, control panels, air dryers, point monitors, and more, to provide a total system approach to your air compressor needs. All facilities are ISO9001 registered so you can be assured of the highest quality. The enclosed scroll compressors feature compact footprints, energy efficient operation, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly design, all in one complete package.




The best ideas seem so simple. The rotary design has few moving parts making it reliable and easier to maintain. The self lubricating tip seals, and absence of a gearbox means the pump is truly 100% oil free.


As the leaders in scroll pump technology, our latest design incorporates several innovative



Main bearings are housed in durable cast iron instead of aluminum which prevents



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