Nano Purification DHM 0030 55F, 29.7 SCFM Flow Rate Membrane Air Dryer, 1/2" NPT, Filtration Included

DHM 0030 55F
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Nano Purification DHM 0030 55F, 29.7 SCFM Flow Rate Membrane Air Dryer, 1/2" NPT, Filtration Included


The nano M1 membrane compressed air dryer provides clean dry air for a wide range of industrial applications. Designed for minimal pressure drop and the highest drying efficiency, the dryers contain thousands of hollow fibers with a unique inner coating. As the wet compressed air enters the dryer, the membrane coating causes water vapor to permeate and collect between the fibers, while the clean, dry air continues through the dryer to its application.


(1) dryer includes M1 and M01 pre filters as standard (shipped loose with mounting fi ttings)

(2) rated flow capacity: compressed air dryer inlet: 101.5 psig and 95°F; ambient air temperature: 77°F: 100% RH. For all other conditions consult sizing program

(3) optional: purge control valve 115/1/60 Part # = 8092352965 price $180.00.  Purge control valve 230/1/60 part # = 8092352957 pice $180.00


M1 membrane compressed air dryers


Suitable for a broad range of installations and conditions, the new energy efficient nano DHM membrane compressed air dryer has a wide performance range to offer the exact level of dry compressed air required to meet your needs.

Designed for the most demanding applications, the DHM membrane compressed air dryer range provides clean, dry air in environments with strict safety or environmental requirements such as low flow environments, noise and corrosion sensitive areas, areas without electrical supply and locations with explosion proof requirements. It is the perfect design for environments with space restrictions, widely fluctuating temperatures or high vibration areas.

With pre filtration as standard, the DHM membrane compressed air dryer range is easy to install either horizontally or vertically, safe and reliable and with no moving parts is easy to maintain.

membrane compressed air dryer



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