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Why do I need an Air Dryer for my Air Compressor?

Why do I need an Air Dryer for my Air Compressor? (Refrigerated Air Dryers, + 39 Degrees)

Remember, the byproduct of compressing air is water and oil (for lubricated systems). Air dryers remove/reduce the moisture, so you can supply dry air to your plant and/or process.

A large percentage of users install refrigerated air dryers, these dryers are typically used in manufacturing, automotive, food/beverage and light industrial use.

Why install a dryer for my compressor?
What would happen if moisture (aka water), entered your process? Water in painting causes fisheyes, water in tools cause rust, water in solenoids cause premature failure, water on metal pits and rusts. All of these cases helps job security with maintenance managers, purchasing managers get headache and owners and sales managers see a negative in their bottom line w/ related losses. All because a simple air dryer wasn’t installed. The cost of a new air dryer is cheap compared to loss of production.

How are air dryers sized?
Air dryers are sized based on temperature and capacity. If the incoming air and room temperature are over 100 degrees F, then we would recommend a high-temperature air dryer. High Temp dryers range from 20 to 125 CFM or 5 hp to 30 hp. These high temp dryers are typically used on piston or cast iron air compressors. If the temperature is less than 100 degrees F, then we install a non-cycling or cycling refrigerated air dryer. These dryers can be as small as 10 CFM to 10,000+ CFM. Here is a typical sizing chart for related piston and rotary screw air compressors;

Refrigerated Air Dryer for Air Compressor5 HP Air Compressor = 20 CFM Air Dryers
7.5 HP Air Compressor = 30 CFM Air Dryers
10 HP Air Compressor = 30 – 49 CFM Air Dryers
15 HP Air Compressor = 50 – 75 CFM Air Dryers
20 HP Air Compressor = 100 CFM Air Dryers
25 HP Air Compressor = 100 – 125 CFM Air Dryers
30 HP Air Compressor = 125 – 150 CFM Air Dryers
40 HP Air Compressor = 200 CFM Air Dryers
50 HP Air Compressor = 200 – 250 CFM Air Dryers
60 HP Air Compressor = 250 CFM Air Dryers
75 HP Air Compressor = 350 – 399 CFM Air Dryers
100 HP Air Compressor = 500 CFM Air Dryers
125 HP Air Compressor = 600 CFM Air Dryers
150 HP Air Compressor = 700-800 CFM Air Dryers
200 HP Air Compressor = 1000 CFM Air Dryers

How do I service my Air Dryer (Refrigerated)
These air dryers are like your refrigerators at home (less the water separator and drain). We recommend cleaning out the coils weekly, definitely monthly. Make sure the drain is working properly and not sticking open. If this is done on a weekly basis, you will extend the life of the air dryer.

Increase your bottom line and install a new air dryer on your air compressor!

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