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Best Air Compressors

Who makes the best air compressor? There are so many different brands of air compressors. We don’t believe any brand is better than another, it all comes to what that brand offers and is it the best fit for my application.

Best Air Compressor

  1. Price
  2. Support
  3. Features
  4. Code
  5. Quality

Price has become the number one factor in buying any new air compressor. The most expensive compressor doesn’t mean it’s the best air compressor. Many compressors these days are imported in from other countries, some have to account for the dollar exchange, incoming freight, etc… Therefore, don’t get fooled and do your research. Remember, just because it’s the most expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best. (If it’s the most expensive, just think how expensive the parts will be).

Support from the factory is important, many customers are doing in house service on their air compressors and they require technical support when servicing and/or troubleshooting. Talk to their support center before any equipment is purchased.

Features – Some of the most efficient and best air compressors come with additional energy saving features that are normally optional. The best air compressors offer:

  • Phase Protection
  • Wye Delta Starting/Reduced Voltage Starting
  • TEFC Drive Motor (Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled)
  • PLC Controller
  • Sound Enclosures

Code – All electrical components are normally UL Listed. But ask if the package is UL as this is a requirement in many states. If the system is not UL, the local inspectors may shut you down. Make sure you see the stamp on the electrical panel. You also want to make sure the pressure vessel is ASME coded. Smaller companies maybe importing small amounts of compressors and overlooking these basic requirements. The best air compressors are UL, ASME coded and are up to date with electrical efficiencies.

Quality – Ask what brand the components are, make sure you can get parts locally, not just from the manufacturer. This helps you not be “single sourced” to one supplier.

Feel free to call one of our compressed air experts when searching for the best air compressor; 866.778.6572.

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