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Using Oilless Scroll Air Compressors

Who uses Oilless Scroll Air Compressors?

What is a oilless scroll air compressor?

A scroll air compressor is a compressor that generates air by using two teflon coated plates, separated with a tip seal.  These plates bring atmospheric air and pressurize the air to system pressure of 50-145 PSIG.  Typically, their are two pumps, a low pressure (115 psi) and high pressure pump (145 psi).


Oilless Scroll Air Compressor with 30 Gall Air Tank
Oilless Scroll Air Compressor with 30 Gall Air Tank

Where are oilless scroll air compressors installed?

Scroll pumps are used for a variety of applications;

  • Medical Air Applications
  • Laboratory Air
  • Remediation
  • Pharmaceutical Air
  • Transportation (Air Brakes)
  • Railroad (Air Brakes)
  • Painting
  • Manufacturing
  • Breathing Air
  • Farming
  • Brewing/Beverage
  • Pneumatic Controls

Why used Oilless Scroll vs. a Oilless Piston Compressors?

Both types of pumps generate oilless air, the biggest difference between the oilless scroll and oilless piston would be the duty cycle and noise level.  Oilless scroll compressors are rated for 100% duty cycle where oilless piston pumps are generally rated for 60%-70%.  Oilless scroll compressors are also very quiet vs. the piston.  We wouldn’t recommend installing the oilless pump near any sleeping quarters in a hospital!

Who makes these oilless pumps?

Powerex and Atlas Copco are the largest supplier of oilless scroll pumps, packages and systems.  These systems can be configured/supplied with only the bare pumpbase mounted, tank mounted (simplex and duplex) stacked mounted and with sound enclosures.  Their are many enclosed scroll compressors installed at point of use because they’re so quiet.

What Sizes do they come in?

Scroll pumps are either 3, 5, 7.5 or 10 hp modules.  Air compressor packagers stack these pumps together to make a 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50 hp systems.  Each system would include multiple compressor pumps.  These systems are very efficient, these pumps alternate and turn on and off based on the air demand in the system. The 3 hp (SLAE03E) & 5 hp (SLAE05E) scroll air pumps are the most popular.

What to consider when installing your oilless scroll compressor; 

  1. Ventilation & Room Temperature, oilless pumps do not like the heat.  The teflon will deteriorate and could cause premature failure to the pump.  Make sure you have proper ventilation for any air compressor.
  2. Voltage, make sure you know the voltage.  Ordering the compressor with the wrong voltage can be a big error.
  3. Space, you should have ample room around the compressor for servicing.  At some point, you will need access to all sides of the compressor.  Either install the compressor with quick disconnects on the piping and/or make sure you have 24-36” around the access panels to the machine.

Consider buying any and all scroll air compressors from Compressor World.  Their staff are very informative and they have the customer in their best interest.  Compressor World offers every scroll air compressor configuration and if you do not see it online, email their staff for a proposal.

Good luck with your oilless scroll compressor and remember to keep the room clean and cool!

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