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Tips You Should Know When Buying Industrial Air Compressors

Here are a few quick tips that you should know before you buy a new industrial air compressor.

  • Find out your current air demand. If you are growing, you can use your current air compressor as a base line. When adding new equipment, remember to add the new capacity or CFM to the total with 15-20% for growth. If downsizing, we would recommend installing a flow meter to measure the demand so you can size the compressor accordingly.
  • Confirm your voltage for the compressor. We recommend that you have your electrician  measure the voltage in the compressor room. It can be a very expensive error if you order the wrong voltage.

  • Rotary Screw or Piston Compressors, order the right technology for your application. Piston air compressors are great for light duty compressor applications as they need time to shutdown to cool the oil where as rotary screw air compressors are 100% duty cycle. 100% duty cycle doesn’t mean they run 24/7. This only means they have a better cooling system so the rotors can operate for hours without shutting down to cool the oil.
  • Shipment Confirmation, make sure you tell your supplier your receiving hours and if your a business with loading dock. Freight companies charge more for lift gates and for reassignments.


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