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Small Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Space has become a major issue for a lot of factories in the United States as plants are getting smaller and smaller. Therefore machinery such as air compressors are being redesigned to be compact and quieter as they are being installed near work stations.

The old school piston air compressor is being pushed out due to their noise level, 85 dB(A) vs. a quiet rotary screw air compressor at 62-70 dB(A). There are many advantages when buying a piston compressor. Unfortunately, none have to do with the noise level.

Smaller rotary screw air compressors are being designed by many fabricators around the World. Here are a few of the top compressor fabricators; ALMIG, Quincy Compressor, Chicago Pneumatic, Ingersoll Rand and Mattei (rotary vane).

The most important factor when installing a smaller rotary screw air compressor would be the space left around the machine, we highly recommend leaving enough room for a local service technician to walk around and be able to service the compressor. Generally we recommend 24-36″ around the compressor. Also remember to check local electrical codes for ample room around the electrical cabinet.

When you do have a tight space, be creative, maybe install the refrigerated air dryer on the wall, hang the air tank in the ceiling or in another room (Be careful when hanging from the ceiling, contact your contractor to ensure proper support and drainage).

Feel free to contact us when installing any rotary screw air compressor or component.  We are available online or at 866.778.6572.

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