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A Complete Rotary Screw Air Compressor System

A complete Rotary Screw Air Compressor System What is included in a complete air system? Typically, business owners start with a typical piston air compressor which includes the piston compressor mounted on a 120 gallon air tank. As your business grows, so does your air demand. When this happens, it is then recommended you change from the piston compressor (60% duty cycle) to a rotary screw compressor (100% duty cycle). When you buy a rotary screw air compressor, these machines come in a variety of configurations; base mounted, tank mounted and tank mounted with the compressor, tank and dryer. If you buy base mounted rotary screw air compressor (5 hp to 500 hp, a large percentage are 50 hp and below), you will need a variety of components to delivery clean, dry air. We have listed a few components that makes a total air system, to see a live video, click here; Compressor Set Up;

  • Compressor (Rotary)
  • Water Separator
  • Air Tank (Wet Tank)
  • Particulate Filter
  • Air Dryer (Refrigerated or Desiccant)
  • Coalescing Filter
  • Air Tank (Dry Tank)
  • Regulator

“Text book” would have you install a wet air tank and dry tank, it’s not required but if you have the room then it would be a great idea. Air tanks are not expensive and can save your business thousands. Service – We also would recommend installing a 3 valve bypass around the particulate, air dryer and coalescing filter for easy service. This enables you to service the compressor without turning the compressor off. We hope this helps you understand what is recommended for your typical rotary screw air compressor system. Feel free to contact one of our compressed air experts if you have any related questions; 866.778.6572.


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