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Reduced Voltage Starting on Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Reduced Voltage Starting

This technique of starting the motor wired in a Wye connection, and later switching to a Delta Run connection, will dramatically reduce the current demand on a power distribution system. In areas where utility power is limited or over burdened, this system can reduce brown outs and severe voltage drops when a motor is started.

The Wye Start/Delta Run method is not new to the industry. It is used on a limited basis in the US, and more widely used in European countries. Sometimes the method is mandatory on large motors.

By using the Wye Start/Delta Run method, customers can achieve lower starting current demand.

This starting method will minimize current demand during starting and reduce the impact on the power system.

This features is standard on all of our Compressor World “E” series machines and many other imported rotary screw air compressors. Remember when buying any electrical machine assembled for use in the United States, the electrical system must be UL (not just the components), the complete system. If UL approved, you will see a “UL” sticker on the electrical cabinet door.

Reduced Voltage Starting for Air Compressors
Reduced Voltage Starting for Air Compressors

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