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Purchasing an Industrial Air Compressor – Things to Consider

Air compressors are machines with a history of more than 100 years. Over the span of so many years, compressors have undergone a number of innovations. Today, air compressors are capable of performing a number of different functions.

Since air compressors use air as a resource, these machines are clean and safe to use. There are innumerable types of compressors; however, mostly, each compressor has similar kind of functions. This makes it all the more complicated when one has to choose from different compressors.

The main function of any compressor is to increase the air pressure and to decrease the volume of the gas. When picking an air compressor for industrial use one has various alternatives to evaluate. For example, one can pick between single stage and two stage reciprocating compressors – in case one is thinking about opting for a reciprocating compressor.

  1. SINGLE STAGE AIR COMPRESSORS: In these compressors, the air is drawn in and is subsequently pressed to its final pressure. All this is done in a single stroke. A single stage reciprocating air compressor is fit for circumstances when the air compressor is required to produce air pressure up to 150 psi. Another point to note is that a single stage air compressor, in most cases, has a higher Cubic Feet per Minute rating than a two stage compressor.
  2. TWO STAGE AIR COMPRESSOR: The only major difference between a single stage air compressor and a two stage air compressor is that in the latter, air is compressed in two steps or stages. A two stage compressor should be purchased when the requirement of air pressure is 200 psi or more. A two stage compressor can give a higher psi because the air gets cooled between two stages.


  1. What is the minimum expected operating pressure from the compressor that you are planning to purchase?
  2. What is the CFM requirement?
  3. Do you require a portable compressor or a stationary one?
  4. What should be the size of receiver tank?

Once you have the answers to all the above listed questions, you will be able to make a better decision regarding making the purchase. It is recommended that before finalizing the type of compressor you wish to purchase you should read about the functions and benefits that each compressor offers. Comparisons help in making the right purchase decision. Because buying an air compressor is an investment, much heed and research should go into purchasing one.

If you are thinking about making an online purchase, it will help to first make a product and price comparison. For this you need to list down the names of a few trusted names that sell compressors online. Thereafter, you can check the products that they offer and match those with your requirement. Make the final purchase only after being completely sure that it is what you require.


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