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Easy Fixes That Will Help You Run Your Air Compressor Effectively

A compressor uses a lot of power and in case you are using one, you would be aware that most of your electricity bill comprises the bill of your air compressor. If you are worried about the increasing electricity bill, you should look into certain ways using which the cost of compressor can be reduced. Here are some quick and easy fixes that can help reduce the cost or the money on your compressor:

  • The Leaks in the Compressor: Just like when you have the air conditioner on you keep checking that the doors and windows are closed, that goes for air systems as well. Leakage in the compressor is like being careless about the air conditioner. When there is a leak in the compressor and you are doing absolutely nothing to check it, you are simply letting hundreds of dollars drain out of your hands. Unless you get the leaks fixed, you will be increasing your expense on the compressor day by day.
  • The Air Pressure: In order to increase the efficiency of your air compressor, you need to lower the system’s pressure by 2 psi. If you do so, you will be able to reduce electrical cost by at least 2%. You should do this immediately in case the tank storage of your compressor is 4-5 gallons per CFM of compressor as well as an air system that has a low pressure drop.

  • The Maintenance: There is no doubt that every compressor be it a rotary screw compressor other should be taken care off by its owner. You cannot be careless about getting the compressor evaluated time and again. Daily monitoring and time-to-time audits are just the first two steps in the compressor maintenance plan. You also need to evaluate whether replacement would work for your compressor or repair.
  • Filter Fixing: One of the most important components of air compressor is the air filter. It is fairly easy to check the functioning of the filter as well as to figure out when it is not performing efficiently. Though it is very important to get the filter as well as its components fixed as soon as some damage is suspected or caused.

These are a few easy fixes that will help you maintain your compressor within the budget that you have decided. And, in return, you will not just save on the electricity cost but also on the lifespan on the compressor itself. All in all, you need to see that the air compressor is getting its share of maintenance from time to time so that it can deal with the day to day stress that is levied upon it that it can perform all its functions smoothly.


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