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Champion Air Compressor

Champion offers a great industrial cast iron two stage air compressor for light and heavy duty industrial air compressor applications. Champion Air Compressor offers a variety of different configurations;

Evolution Series – Is a cast iron compressor pump installed in a sound cabinet. This package is very quiet.

Champion Air Compressor
Champion Air Compressor

Advantage Series – This is a fully package unit with air cooled after cooler, low level oil switch, vibration isolators, and magnetic starter. These compressors ship within 24-48 hours. The standard voltage is 208/230/3/60 and 460/3/60 volt units ship with a conversion kit (loose).

R & PL Series – Build your own package with the R & PL package, as these units have a series of options; splash lubricated or pressure lubricated pumps, tank drains, low level oil monitors, dual control, after coolers, water cooled after coolers, on/off switch, high temperature switch and more.

Champion Air Compressor
Champion Air Compressor

Centurion II – These are typically used for smaller industrial applications. Some smaller Champion Air Compressors can be installed with either 1800 or 3600 RPM motors (5 hp), the 7.5 15 hp models are standard on 1800 RPM motors.

Champion Air Compressor also offers the Value Plus, Climate Control, Command air, Nitrogen Advantage, Air-On-Line, Air Series and much more.

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