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Buy Smart

BUY SMART and make the right decision when you buy your next air compressor system. Every day we field and make calls where customers are waiting for additional quotes from their local compressor sales center. NOTE TO SELF; if you are waiting days for a quote, how many days will you wait for the same local compressed air service center to return your call on a emergency service call/visit? BUY SMART…. if it takes days for them to quote a new air system or compressor part, they are not interested in your business.

My father once said “nobody would buy industrial air compressors online, you’re crazy to do this”. Well, 15 years later we have become one of the smartest and largest online retailer of air compressors. Not because we offer the best prices but because our sales crew truly enjoys what they do and it also helps when they’re the best in the industry. We fit the right compressor for your application while offering the best customer support!

BUY SMART and demand GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, you are buying a machine that will run your entire facility, compressed air is considered the 4th utility. Make sure the sales representative understands the air compressor and how it works. Selling a compressor is easy, understanding the compressed air system and how it works is another. Installing the wrong air system can cost thousands. True story; a customer had a 15 hp rotary screw air compressor that was due to be replaced, they didn’t want a new compressor because it was too expensive ($6000) so they purchased a used 50 hp compressor at auction for $1500. Little did they know that the used compressor costed them $3,193 additional per year (2500 hrs) in energy. Should they have purchased the new compressor for $6,000? If you think about it, after 2 years, they actually paid $7,886 for a used machine that cost them an additional $1,300 in service breakdowns…  $9,186 to be accurate.  BUY SMART

Trust the compressed air specialist at Compressor World. Call them today and ask them which air compressor is the best for your system.

Remember…BUY SMART!

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