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Air Compressors, Air Polishers & Granite Fabrication

Air Compressors, Air Polishers & Granite Fabrication

We get a lot of different applications that require air compressors but this is one of the fastest growing industries and we thought we would share how we sized this system as well as a nice chart that helps you size your air compressor accordingly.

“I purchase a compressor from you back in October for my Solid Surface shop and it’s been working great for us.  I am now in need of a compressor for my Granite fabrication shop but need some professional advise in help me purchase the correct size system.  

I’m limited to a Single Phase compressor as I do not have 3-phase power at my shop.  We typically are running between three to four air polishers at a time throughout the day.  Specs for the air-polishers are as follows:

  • Air consumption:  15 CFM
  • Air Pressure:  87 PSI   

Based on this information, would you be able to provide guidance on the correct type (piston vs screw), capacity and size of compressor that would be best for my application?  Please let me know what additional information”

Good morning and thanks for reaching out, here are our initial thoughts;

Based on the 1-phase power, you are limited to 10 hp rotary screw compressor, 50 full load amps, 90-100 amp breaker.

Based on the 1-phase power, you are limited to a DUPLEX 7.5 hp piston package, 1-phase, 51 CFM total

This type of 10 hp compressor would put out around 35 CFM.  It would handle 2-3 polishers.  In this case where you’re limited b/c of the power, I would recommend a 400 gallon storage tank, this can help with the air surge, helping the 3rd polisher maintain pressure/use. 

10 HP, 1-phase w/ dryer & 120 gallon tank

240 Gallon Reserve Tank (Combined w/ the 120 Gallon, this is a nice reserve tank.

400 Gallon Reserve Tank

Tank Kit

This would be the recommendation for the duplex piston package


Here is a quick cheat sheet on # of air polishers, cfm per polisher and air compressor recommendation based on single phase or three phase power (in addition to an external air tank)

1 15 5 to 7.5 HP (17 to 25 CFM 5 to 7.5 HP (17 to 25 CFM 120 Gallon Tank
2 30 10 to 15 HP (35 to 55 CFM) 10 to 15 HP (35 to 55 CFM) 120 Gallon Tank
3 45 Duplex 7.5 HP Piston Pkg. 15 to 20 HP (55 to 75 CFM) 200 Gallon Tank
4 60 Duplex 10 HP Piston Pkg. 20 HP 200 Gallon Tank
5 75 Duplex 10 HP Piston Pkg. 25 HP 240 Gallon Tank
6 90 N/A (Gas or Diesel Option 25 HP 240 to 400 Gallon Tank
7 105 N/A (Gas or Diesel Option 25 to 30 HP 240 to 400 Gallon Tank
8 120 N/A (Gas or Diesel Option 30 HP to 35 HP 400 Gallon Tank
9 135 N/A (Gas or Diesel Option 35 to 40 HP 400 Gallon Tank
10 150 N/A (Gas or Diesel Option 40 HP 400 Gallon Tank

Feel free to contact any expert at COMPRESSOR WORLD for additional assistance. or call toll free at 866.778.6572

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