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Air Compressor Service & Back Up Air Compressors

What to expect when you are having service performed on your Air Compressor

It’s that time again, time to perform your scheduled preventative maintenance service, “PM”, on your air compressor system.  What will that mean for your business?  Will there be time where you will be out of air?  How long will it last?  When can we start production again?  These are the common questions when scheduling service. 

During a PM, there are many variables that determine the time of “down time” in the air production, as well as ways you can minimize this down time and eliminate it all together.

  • A “typical” PM on an Air Compressor (Rotary Screw, Piston, Oilless Scroll) if under 50 Horsepower, will range from 2-6 hours on site.
    • This includes Air filter, oil filter, separator, belt change and complete oil change (if applicable to the system).
    • A full inspection of the equipment, checking of the electrical connections and tightening as needed, cleaning out any dryer cooler & condensers and drains checked for blockage.
    • Any inline filtration elements are changed as well as oil/water separator elements
    • System as a whole is checked and any issues identified during the visit are documented and brought to the person in charge’s attention and addressed for quote for repair or noted for observation.
  • Units over 50 Horsepower or systems where there are multiple units can range from 4+ hours to multiple visits on site.  It will all depend if you are having a minor or major service on your compressor.
  • Down Time can range from 30 minutes to multiple hours depending on the system.  Having a reliable backup air compressor to take over during a PM helps eliminate down time all together.

Is Having Backup Air Compressors Worth it?

Quick Answer… YES… having a backup compressor is one of the best decisions to make if your business depends on air.  Whether you are a large production plant, with dozens of machines working or you work out of your home garage, your need for having a constant flow of air is vital to your business and keeping production going.

  • Backup compressors eliminate having down time with your air. 
  • Multiple machines in tandem will evenly disburse the working hours
    • Creating an environment where wear and tear will be minimized
    • PM expenses will be minimal and routine
  • Scheduled PM services for both compressors can be worked on at the same visit. 
    • No down time, and no lag in air

Backup compressors are also essential in production as if the compressor goes down and is not usable, you are still with air and won’t lose production time.

Without a backup unit, and your compressor goes down, so does your production… which means lost revenue.   

So do not sell your back up compressor on craigslist or eBay… keep it for back up!

Feel free to contact anyone at Compressor World with any questions or concerns.  866.778.6572 or

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