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Air Compressor Pump Safety Valves

Today we had a client call us about his air compressor pump not working properly and only holding 60 psi to his plant.   It’s easy to sell someone a new compressor but to find the right machine for their application, our staff asked for a picture of their current system.  From this picture we can evaluate and find a solution.

When we received the picture, we found a piece of a granite countertop holding down their safety valve on the second stage.

This is a big SAFETY NO, NO!   The safety valve is their for a reason…

If the safety valve “pops” it is best to;

– Replace the Safety Valve
– Inspect/replace the Check Valve
– Inspect/replace the Compressor 1st and 2nd Stage Valves

It is NOT recommended to remove the safety valve or hold it down with any item!

If the compressor pump has discoloration on the discharge pipe, this could be a result of the compressor pump reaching it’s upper end of it’s duty cycle and maybe it’s time to replace it with a new, larger compressor pump (increase the hp size) or with a new rotary screw air compressor.  Rotary screw air compressors can operate at 100% duty vs a piston pump is rated at 60%.  Piston pumps require a “time out” to cool the oil in between cycles.

If the compressor items are in good condition and the compressor pump is beyond repair, replace the compressor pump only and retrofit a new style on the air tank.  This is a inexpensive solution vs. buying a new air compressor system.

Tips for Keeping a Compressor Pump Running;
– Size the pump correctly
– Change the compressor oil frequently.  Piston oil is inexpensive, change the oil every 4-6 weeks
– Keep the Inlet filters clean and replace accordingly.  Pipe the intake filters outside if the compressor pump is near an outside wall.  Make sure you have outdoor filter assemblies to protect the filter element
– Drain the tank weekly or install a tank drain
– Keep the compressor pump clean

Remember, your air compressor is the lifeline for your business.  Spending short money on maintenance can eliminate compressor downtime and keep your business in operation.



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