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Finding the Best 15 HP Air Compressor for your Application

The biggest seller for many small businesses is the 15 hp air compressor.  All styles; 15 hp piston or two stage, 15 hp rotary screw or 15 hp rotary vane compressors, working in a variety of industries; small granite fabrication shops, manufacturing, medical/lab or automotive/body shops.   The 15 hp air compressor offers a range of air flow as low as 45 CFM to 80 CFM.

Popular Brands; we have listed some of the most popular 15 hp air compressor models and configurations.  There are so many different set-ups that we have broken up by base mounted (standard), tank mounted and then total air systems;

– Base Mounted 15 hp air compressors
– Base Mounted with Air Dryer 15 hp air compressors
– Tank Mounted 15 hp air compressors
– Total Air Systems 15 hp air compressors
– Variable Speed Drive 15 hp air compressors

– Base Mounted 15 hp air compressors
– Tank Mounted 15 hp air compressors
– Bare Pumps 15 hp air compressors

– Base Mounted 15 hp air compressors
– Enclosed Units 15 hp air compressors
– Tank Mounted 15 hp air compressors
– Bare Pumps 15 hp air compressors

Viewing the best 15 HP Air Compressor by Brand
Atlas Copco –>  GA11 125 AFF
Chicago Pneumatic –> QRS 15 HPD
ELGI Compressor –> EN11-125-120T-G
Ingersoll-Rand –> UP6-15-125 TAS & R11i-TAS
KORE Compressor –> E15
Quincy Compressor –>  QGS 15 HPD


The 15 hp air compressor has a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty,  which covers the parts and labor.  You will also receive a factory start up when buying rotary screw air compressors larger than 25 hp.  This allows the buyer to meet their local service center as well as receive start-up and training.

If you’re looking for the best 15 HP compressor, search online within our site Compressor World, which we offer some of the best compressors on the market.

When doing research on buying the best 15 hp air compressor, make sure you review the client reviews.  Stay away from factory reviews on 15 hp air compressors as they are just promoting the product.  Look for authentic client reviews, hopefully showing pictures of their 15 hp air compressor in operation.

When you are searching for your 15 hp compressor, remember to ask about the controls. “How does the control system work?” Especially when you are buying a used 15 hp compressor. The older compressors had modulation controls and were very inefficient. For example, at 50% of full load the motor was operating at 89% bhp. Newer machines run with load/no load controls with timed shutdown. Ask one of our compressed air experts to see which compressor would work best air compressor for your application; 866.778.6572.

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