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Reduce Energy Costs with VFD Air Compressors

Tired of your high energy costs from your air compressor? California’s energy costs are increasing and one of best way to reduce your utility bill would be to buy an air compressor with variable speed drive. Variable speed drive technology reduces the in-rush current upon start up as well as the drive/technology will match the air demand to the compressor output. If you’re thinking of installing a VFD air compressors then you should know your air demand.  We would recommend installing

Energy Savings
Sep 16, 2017

Buying Atlas Copco Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Atlas Copco offers a very large offering of rotary screw air compressors.   They specialize in a variety of configurations; base mounted, tank mounted, total air systems and variable speed drive/energy efficient compressors.  Here is a brief description of each series; G-SERIES Air Compressor The G & GX are Atlas Copco Rotary Screw Air Compressors are a quiet alternative to piston compressors.  Their rotary screw technology, reduces vibration, the sound enclosure helps with low sound levels as well as the oil

Atlas Copco Compressors
Jun 20, 2017

What to do with your old air compressor?

I know what your thinking, you just purchased a new compressor and your asking yourself; “what am I going to do with this old air compressor?”  No worries, you have a few great options; If your old air compressor still has some life and you have room, keep it as a back up compressor.  Back up air compressors are UNDER RATED.  If your new compressor sneezes; the back up compressor is there to keep your plant running.   If your new compressor

How To
Apr 19, 2017

Finding the Best 15 HP Air Compressor for your Application

The biggest seller for many small businesses is the 15 hp air compressor.  All styles; 15 hp piston or two stage, 15 hp rotary screw or 15 hp rotary vane compressors, working in a variety of industries; small granite fabrication shops, manufacturing, medical/lab or automotive/body shops.   The 15 hp air compressor offers a range of air flow as low as 45 CFM to 80 CFM. Popular Brands; we have listed some of the most popular 15 hp air compressor

Best Air Compressors
Apr 1, 2017

Air Compressor Pump Safety Valves

Today we had a client call us about his air compressor pump not working properly and only holding 60 psi to his plant.   It’s easy to sell someone a new compressor but to find the right machine for their application, our staff asked for a picture of their current system.  From this picture we can evaluate and find a solution. When we received the picture, we found a piece of a granite countertop holding down their safety valve on the

Best Practices
Mar 26, 2017

Best 25 HP Air Compressors

Some of the best 25 hp air compressors are installed in granite fabrication shops, automotive service and body shops, manufacturing plants and at universities around the World.  When you install a 25 hp air compressor (piston or rotary screw), you generally have demands that fall between 60 and 100 CFM, any demand under 60 cfm should install a 20 hp piston or rotary screw air compressor. Compressor World offers a variety of different compressor manufactures that make 25 hp air compressors.  The

Best Air Compressors
Mar 17, 2017