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Stem Adapters

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13 Items

  1. Stem Adapter, 20mm x 1/2
    Model: 90626-20-08
  2. Stem Adapter, 20mm x 1/2
    Model: 90626-20-08M
  3. Stem Adapter, 20mm x 3/4
    Model: 90626-20-12M
  4. Stem Adapter, 25mm x 3/4
    Model: 90626-25-12M
  5. Stem Adapter, 25mm x 1/2
    Model: 90626-25-08M
  6. Stem Adapter, 25mm x 1
    Model: 90626-25-16M
  7. Stem Adapter, 32mm x 1
    Model: 90626-32-16M
  8. Stem Adapter, 32mm x 1.5
    Model: 90626-32-24M
  9. Stem Adapter, 40mm x 1.5
    Model: 90626-40-24M
  10. Stem Adapter, 50mm x 1.5
    Model: 90626-50-24M
  11. Stem Adapter, 50mm x 2
    Model: 90626-50-32M
  12. Stem Adapter, 63mm x 2
    Model: 90626-63-32M
  13. Stem Adapter, 63mm x 2-1/2
    Model: 90626-63-40M
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13 Items

Out of the numerous small and big air piping fittings and accessories, Stem Adapters are some of the most important one. These air-piping fittings provide an efficient, low-cost method of installing the compressed air systems. However, wrong choice of the adapter can make the entire assembly inefficient and unproductive. Therefore, you must carefully select the air compressor Stem Adapters supplier for perfect working and longevity of the system.

Stem Adapters at Compressor World

Compressor World is an ultimate storehouse entire range of air piping fittings for compressed air system hot air systems etc. Here you will get all makes, models, and brand of Stem Adapters. There is a variety of stem adapters of variable diameters available. Starting from 20 Mm to 63 Mm in diameter, you will find in all sizes of adapters. Compressor World assures you the best price guarantee in addition to attractive online discounts. Regarded as the number one online air compressor superstore of America, we have been serving every air compression need of our customers satisfactorily. With Compressor World, there are advantages and benefits beyond comparison. To list, here are a few.

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We understand that you may have a number of query or confusion regarding the choice of right kind of Stem Adapters for your air compressor system. If this is the case, then do call us toll free at us 866.778.6572 or write to us at Our air compressor experts will help you in every possible manner.