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Particulate Filter for Air Compressor (5 Micron)

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8 Items

  1. 1/2
    Model: F1563
    1/2" NPT Particulate Air Filter

    Ships Factory Direct

  2. 3/4
    Model: F1794
    3/4" NPT Particulate Air Filter

    Ships Factory Direct

  3. 1/2
    Model: P35
    Compressor World
  4. Deltech 20 SCFM, 3/8
    Model: DF20-D-3-DP
    Deltech 20 SCFM, 3/8" Pariculate Filter rated at 3 Mincrons | DF20-D-3-DP
    $210.00 (-$42.00) $168.00

    Ships Factory Direct

  5. NANO Filtration 25 CFM Particulate Filter, 1/4
    Model: NF 0025 M5
    Nano Purification
  6. NANO Filtration 35 CFM Particulate Filter, 3/8
    Model: NF 0035 M5
    Nano Purification
  7. Quincy 25 CFM Particulate Air Filter, 3/8
    Model: QPF 25
    Quincy Compressor
    Quincy 25 CFM Particulate Air Filter, 3/8" NPT | QPF 25

    Ships Factory Direct

  8. NANO Filtration 50 CFM Particulate Filter, 1/2
    Model: NF 0050 M5
    Nano Purification
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8 Items

Particulate filters are usually the first filter installed as they filter to 5 microns and they remove the large particulate before entering the air dryer. Particulate Filters are also installed at point of use applications to catch any pipe scale, water condensate, liquid oil, rust and dirt present in the pipe. Using Particulate Air Filter can be beneficial in:

  • Preventing corrosive damage

  • Ensuring contaminants-free compressed air

  • Higher performance efficiency

  • Longer element life.

Compressed air contaminants usually collect at the bottom of the filter's housing, and need to be drained away to prevent them from reentering the system. Depending on the type of Particulate Filter you choose, there can be electronic level drains, timed solenoid drains, float drains, and manual drains.

Particulate Air Filters at Compressor World

Compressor World houses Particulate Air Filters for air outflow capacities ranging from 8-1800 CFM from reputed brad such as Nano, Quincy and Deltech. Choose from a range of designs and configurations to suit your air compressor's requirements. Each air filter at Compressor World is carefully chosen for highest levels of performance and efficiency.

The advantages of shopping for air filters online at Compressor World are manifold. Consider the following:

  • Multiple brands under the same roof

  • Large product variety to choose from

  • Multi-product comparisons are easy

  • Purchases are tax free (barring Massachusetts) and freight-free

  • Local servicing available on all brands of products

  • Best prices in the industry

  • Finance available - pay back in easy EMI

Have queries or doubts? Need help in choosing the right air filter for your air compressor?

Our experts can help. With decades of combined experience in compressed air, experts at Compressor World can assist you with all the information and technical expertise you need to choose the appropriate air filter.

Get in touch with our experts at 866.778.6572. You can also mail us your queries at